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Starting The Game[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Hinterlands! You have probably found your way here because you've started your game, but where do you go from here? The Hinterlands is a sandbox survival game that is continuously growing. You will encounter hostile mobs, non-hostile mobs, caves, mountains, and much more!

When you first start the game you have the option of playing by yourself (single player), or with a friend (multiplayer). If you wish to turn on/off music or sounds, you can do that in the settings (or the in game settings if you choose to later on). When you select single player or multiplayer you will then be asked to create a character. You can choose to be male/female, a variety of different colored skins, hair, and clothes . Be as creative as you want and create different colored people, or if you want something quick you can select random until you find a character you like. At this point you are a few clicks away from entering The Hinterlands. Your next step is to create a world. Again be as creative as you want with name or traditional, the choice is yours. After you create your world you are then dropped into the forest area of The Hinterlands.

The Beginning[edit | edit source]

Starting the game you are given a pickaxe (mining), axe (cutting down trees), torches (to see at night and in caves), and a sword (kill hostile and non-hostile mobs). First check out your surroundings (until you create a bed, this is your spawn point when you die). You will find sheep,, bats, and tars (you can turn off the enemies in the settings if you want to play in creative mode).

Start cutting down trees and making a shelter. Trees will also randomly drop seeds and fruit which you can use for crafting and eating to gain health. When creating your shelter you will need a crafting table (after cutting down a tree you can create one and use the extra wood towards building a shelter). Start with doors and walls to close off your shelter. You can also make more specialized items with the crafting table (such as a furnace) that will be useful later on. Become familiar with the crafting table recipes to know what to look for while exploring the world.

Tars are needed to make torches and used in various other recipes. The tars come in different sizes, so be careful when traveling on the surface or in caves. When exploring at night or in the caves make sure to have plenty of torches on hand.

Bats will be flying around on the surface and in caves as well. You can use their wings to make a potion that will protect you from taking damage when you fall.

You will also see sheep wandering around. They are non-hostile mobs. If you attack them they will run away. You can get meat from them or wool to make a bed. When you make a bed wherever you place it you can make your new spawn point. If you don't wish to hunt the sheep you can cut off their wool with shears.

Exploring[edit | edit source]

Now that you have a basic understanding of the game, you are ready to set forth and explore the world. Going across the surface you will find sand, a stone mountain (needed for weapons and other crafting items), ores (for more specialized weapons and tools), and some caves. The farther down you go the more caves and ore you will find. There will also be more enemies so be on the look out. Lots of stone can be found in the last 70% of the map. If you haven’t found stone, continue digging deeper.

Have fun exploring and adding to your world. We love seeing your creations in The Hinterlands. Send us videos and pictures and they could be featured on the Wiki.

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